Effective Guitar Lessons

Simply Put: You can learn (step-by-step) to play rock guitar, pop, folk, country, blues, classical guitar, and jazz on acoustic guitar, nylon (classical), or electric guitars.

Guitar lessons are informative and tailored to your style and your pace.

I teach all guitar skill levels from the first-time beginner to the experienced player wanting improvement in specific areas.

The approach is productive and fun because it helps guitar students to enjoy learning to play guitar and to learn quickly.

Proven Guitar Teaching Method

Using time proven methods for teaching guitar as well as modern, state of the art computer programs for students who do better with visual media.

Making extensive use of the computer guitar training as a resource for learning new songs, styles and concepts.

Also provided are printouts at each guitar lesson specifically tailored to the students progress and available practice time. If you are computer or media friendly, a recording, either audio or video, of the material covered in the lesson will be waiting for them by the time they get home.

Your guitar training will be focused on songs from the first lesson. This means you are learning to play songs on your guitar while learning and developing the skills necessary for you to be able to play anything you desire. This is the best approach for learning to play the guitar. As you improve on the guitar, you will be developing a timing and feel for music.

We all learn differently and we all have different dreams.

After discussing aims, goals and desires with each guitar student, we determine whether to include music theory, and at what level.

Most students already have some level of understanding. Working together we find out what you know and build on it in a way that makes sense. Our guitar lessons will help you put together all those loose ideas that you've gathered.

Composition for songwriters and composers

You can also get lessons in composition for songwriters and composers for the guitar and voice. This could focus more on the lyrical or the musical side, or a combination of both, depending on the desires of the student.

Most lessons are 1 hour, private, one-to-one sessions per week.
1/2 hour and 45 minute lessons are also available.

Often I teach small groups of 2-3 students at a time, focusing on learning to play together. Read about group classes

Some guitar students are very busy and come less often, once a month, or whenever they are ready for that next step. We always work with the student to schedule things in the most comfortable way for them.

No books required. All the learning material is supplied.

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