Guitar Lessons Should Be About You!

As a guitar teacher, Larry Smith shows you how to play a guitar by teaching those songs, chords and ideas that you want to learn instead of standard exercises out of a book.

The guitar lessons follow a personalized approach, allowing you to learn guitar in the style you want, combining new guitar skills with whatever you've already learned.

As new songs and guitar skills are introduced, you will learn to see the patterns and shortcuts that all great guitar players know and use. Larry shows you how to play guitar whether, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, rock guitar, jazz guitar, blues guitar or country guitar in a fun, exciting way that is geared to your musical style and tastes.

Learn to play guitar in a way that builds on your ability, and fits your schedule and reduces the time it takes to learn to be a good guitarist.

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What Students Have to Say...

Kerry L. Byers
I still learn from Larry every time we talk music.
I had written a number of songs … read more

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