Students Comments

Students Comments
Kerry L. Byers
I still learn from Larry every time we talk music.
I had written a number of songs but didn't feel that the chord progressions flowed. Although I am a trained classical musician, I needed a different perspective. Larry helped me revise them. Larry thinks in chords. He lives and breathes chords. He knows how they go together, how to use them to create a solid foundation for a song, and how to twist them a bit to stir things up....... and he sees them all over the guitar.
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Tim Smith
As a guitar teacher, Larry shows me what I need to know.
I sometimes run into students who want to know things outside of my area of expertise, things I don't feel confident about teaching.
The knowledge and experience I've retained from him is second to none. Both my students and I reap the benefits.
He also inspires me to learn more about the ideas behind the music [theory], and to take my song writing and teaching to places I never understood, until now.
Aaron Lozynsky
I teach guitar. When I was starting out, I had lessons with Larry Smith on 'how and what to teach'.
He helped me design an approach that works [and I learned quite a few things in the process]!
Gene Cholod
I am 78 years of age and no longer have to limit my picking to the shower.
Larry Smith is, in my estimation, an excellent guitar teacher.
He understands my deficiencies while at the same time being positive, constructive and challenging. He is able to pass along his many years of playing and performing experiences, whether it be blues, jazz or country.
Marilyn Cecil-Smith
I'd tried other guitar teachers, but was missing the big picture.
I wanted a teacher who could open the door, speak my language and help me get beyond styles.
Larry showed me a simple logic in music and showed me how to figure out things on my own. Using songs that were familiar to me [pop, country, blues, or jazz], we built on what I already knew.  He would go with any new song I suggested and while helping me to learn it, he'd point out how it all fell into the same scheme of things. It was all starting to make sense. Goodbye ceiling!
As I began to perform, he taught me about sound equipment. He showed me how to use my computer for learning new songs and ideas. He taught me how to use simple recording programs which improved my playing and made it easier to rehearse with band mates.
Larry's passion for music and his multifaceted professional background as a performer, teacher and recording engineer, make him a remarkable resource for any musician. He has opened the door to the world of guitar music for me.
Madalena Kozachuk
He tailors the music lesson to your needs, is flexible and positive.
I have studied with Larry for about a decade. His lessons often included a lot of learning by doing, an approach that really stimulated my song writing and eventually, led to performance, and recording.
Self-direction was also a key element of studying with Larry. I was encouraged to bring in tunes that I loved. Larry suggested songs and composers for me to listen to, an exchange that really encouraged self-expression.
Whenever a more formal framework was necessary, Larry provided the concepts that help keep me engaged, curious and interested. In other words, the lessons are tailored to the student.
Larry’s sense of wonder about music and performance is rare; especially for someone who loves to teach and is really an amazing at it!
Jim Henderson
I wouldn't have continued with the guitar if I had not met Larry. Now I can't put it down.
Larry explains things to me in ways that I can grasp easily. He encourages me to practice priorities instead of only playing what I can already do. I know that I'm a much better guitarist because of him. Larry gets me to focus on my 'weak links' and my whole chain gets stronger. I regularly hear compliments from others about my progress.